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Android Permissions

Most people have smartphones for the apps. They help us do everything from keep track of time, the weather, they give us access to all the latest games, and more. We often max out our phone’s storage on apps.

However a word of caution. You should always check the permissions that an app requests while installing.

Five permissions to check when installing Android apps

  1. Access to Internet: be careful that the permission being asked for is appropriate to the app
  2. Access to phone and call information: apps will be able to view your call history, send text messages and incur additional costs without you knowing.
  3. GPS & precise location: does the app really need your precise location or even access to your GPS?
  4. Access to photos/media/files: ensure you only give access to trustworthy apps, with this permissions they have the ability to access a lot of data on your phone.
  5. Camera & Microphone access: Apps can access them at anytime and take photos or record audio without you knowing. Make sure you provide access to apps you trust.
  6. Never install an app if you are unsure about the permissions.