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Easy and Free Ways to Save Photos on an iPhone

Do you have hundreds of pictures on your phone? Ever had it crash or get stolen only to lose all of those pictures? Well in this article we will tell you a free and easy way to save your photos on an iPhone.

You can’t really depend on the iCloud for a number of reasons. Sometimes the data you think was syncing actually wasn’t, if you delete an image from your phone it’s also gone from the iCloud, and sometimes your new device isn’t compatible.

Two of the best options include Google Photos for iOS and Microsoft OneDrive for iOS. Both of these offer your 15 GB of free storage. The difference between these options and the iCloud is that the iCloud is more of a synchronization whereas Google Photos and OneDrive are actual cloud backups. This means if you delete a photo from your phone, it will still be in your cloud storage on Google and OneDrive.

Find Google Photos here: Google Photos
Find Microsoft OneDrive here: OneDrive